AT-LBA Parent Forum

September 21, 2021 @ 6PM EDT

Join us for our Virtual Parent Forum!

This will be an opportunity for families to hear from and engage with our panel of consultants on important topics surrounding autistic advocacy, ABA reform and trauma informed care. We at AT-LBA are committed to continuously advancing the practice of ABA and have opened this forum to the public to share the resources and information we've been accessing as we assess and grow our own practice . This should be a supportive and enlightening event for all.

Panelist Bios

Joy Johnson is a Behavior Analyst, Inclusion Specialist, and Autism Advocate who partners with organizations, individuals, and families to improve the lives of Autistic people. After spending years working in clinical settings, non-profits, and schools, her experience enables her to truly serve and represent autism community members in various contexts. Joy holds a Masters in education and a Masters in psychology with a specialization in ABA. In addition to her extensive education and professional experiences, she has a great deal of personal experience. Joy is Autistic herself, which provides with a unique perspective, knowledge, and source of passion.

Oswin Latimer is a lifelong advocate for practices and policies of issues of importance to disabled people. As a recognized expert and leader in faer field, fae works to empower people to have a voice in the direction and quality of their lives. Faer experience in leadership, educating, research, and public advocacy for issues surrounding autistic people has made faer a highly respected consultant, public speaker, and presenter both nationally and locally.

Oswin is the founder and President of Foundations for Divergent Minds (FDM) and former Director of Community Engagement for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN). Fae has served as a consultant on policy discussion to the US Department of Labor, Department of Education, and Department of Personnel Management. Fae is also a valued consultant to many parents, offering useful strategies on how to organize their homes and create individualized education plans that best meet the needs of their child. Oswin is of indigenous heritage and is a parent of three.

Oswin Latimer was featured in the documentary, Citizen Autistic, a film directed by William Davenport exploring the advocacy work of autism rights activists. Fae is regularly called upon for media interviews and to speak at local and national conferences on a variety of topics, including language and perception, executive functioning, and autistic parenting. Oswin also compiled and edited Navigating College: A Handbook on Self Advocacy Written for Autistic Students from Autistic Adults.

Brian Middleton is a human. He is a human who experiences the neurotype called autism. Brian is a curious human who loves to explore and discover. When he isn't hiking, spending time with his wife and dogs, or listening to audiobooks he's creating posts for Bearded Behaviorist or working as a board certified behavior analyst. Brian worked as a special education teacher for 7 years before jumping into behavior analysis, and when he was working as a teacher he realized that the autistic children he served had similar experiences to his childhood. He received a diagnosis of ASD as an adult, and has since been exploring neurodiversity ever since. He believes the social model of autism is the more effective approach, and works as an autism advocate both inside and outside the ABA community. He is also passionate about ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) and has two podcasts, one for ACT and the other for Behaviorism.