AT-LBA Parent Forum

January 26, 2022 @ 6PM EST

Values Based Parenting with Michelle Zube BCBA, LBA

Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACTr) aims to improve people’s quality of life by engaging in actions that align with their values. This parent forum will review what values and committed actions are and how they can be embedded into everyday parenting for greater family joy and success.

Michelle L. Zube is a licensed (NYS), Board Certified Behavior Analyst and dual-certified general and special education teacher. She has developed programs for children domestically and internationally for over 17 years and has consulted for school districts and businesses. She specializes in Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACTr), Organizational and Behavior Management (OBM), Parent Training, and TeleHealth. Michelle currently serves as the Lead BCBA for Healthy Young Minds, LLC. She is also a co-editor for A Scientific Framework for Compassion and Social Justice: Lessons in Applied Behavior Analysis (Routledge, 2021).