Quality Care is at Our Core

We offer customized, quality care that helps your child achieve independence and develop meaningful relationships.

Our Method

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) uses evidence based procedures that have been shown to support skill development and improve socially significant behaviors. Part of a larger field of study called behavioral analysis, ABA allows us to establish goals for your child, then collect and analyze data on a daily to support steady progress.

Our expertise in ABA includes:

  • Teaching communication skills so your child's voice can be heard

  • Developing social repertoires so your child can establish more meaningful relationships

  • Increasing functional living skills so your child can be more independent

  • Reducing and replacing harmful behaviors that restrict your child's ability to fully engage within their community

Our History

Allgood & Tehrani LBA is a small, NYC-based agency that has grown organically from it's beginnings as a social skills group. Founded by Alicia and Kimia In 2013, East Side Social originally offered groups that used ABA methodology to teach social skills in a safe and fun environment. Word-of-mouth spread quickly and we suddenly found ourselves at max capacity. We called on some trusted colleagues to provide One-to-One therapy and assist with leading social groups. Along the way, New York state passed a behavior analyst licensure law which made us realize the need to reorganize and rename our agency accordingly, but we remain East Side Social at heart. What that means is that most of our clients and providers have and will continue to come to us through personal recommendations, both from the families we work with and our tightly-knit network of BCBAs and RBTs.

Our Providers

Teamwork Makes Our Dream Work

Meet our incredible group of knowledgeable, passionate, and professional individuals who support your learners. We believe in putting our providers first, so we make sure they have the skills, resources, confidence, and presence of mind to focus on your child's needs. We do this through weekly supervision of our behavior technicians, monthly team meetings, quarterly visits from our clinical directors, regular continuing education and training opportunities for our team and on-going in house support for providers and families.

Our team is a mix of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), Licensed Behavior Analysts (LBAs), Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs) and behavior technicians. All of our behavior technicians are working towards board certification and state licensure and have a minimum of 3 years of experience.

Kimia Tehrani


Co-Founder & Director

Kimia works in home, community, and school settings, to promote independence, teach communication, and develop social skills. As she continues to grow as a behavior analyst, she finds joy in watching learners reach their full potential. Kimia is so proud of the Allgood & Tehrani dream team who work passionately and effortlessly with learners every day.

Board Certified Behavior AnalystLicensed BehaviorAnalyst (NY)

Alicia Allgood


Co-Founder & Director

Alicia has been incredibly fortunate to have trained with some remarkably talented behavior analysts. Alicia specializes in working with learners with severe problem behavior and leading social groups. Her favorite aspect of this work is witnessing the growing sense of pride that develops as a learner realizes their capacity for growth.

Board Certified Behavior AnalystLicensed BehaviorAnalyst (NY)

Alessandra Ancona


Clinical Director - NYC

Alessandra has worked in home, school, residential and research settings with an emphasis in early intervention (EIBI) and early childhood. She has extensive experience in teaching functional communication, joint attention, and play skills. She is skilled in the areas of family and parent training, staff training and supervision of BCBA candidates. Alessandra loves educating others about the field of behavior analysis.

Board Certified Behavior AnalystLicensed Behavior Analyst (New York)

Allgood & Tehrani Licensed Behavior Analysts

85 Delancey Street, Floor 2, New York, NY 10002

Phone: (917) 680-5805

Email: info@at-lba.com

Note: If the address reads East Side Social, you're in the right place.

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